Trans Pacific Trade (TPP)

The Trans Pacific Trade, or TPP, is supposed to be like a free trade agreement with some of the countries on the Pacific Rim. However, what it does for the countries themselves is make the laws tighter in some areas. There are some major concerns on what it actually does though. This article touches on those concerns, along with this article.

The TPP was given the authority to be fast tracked through by the republicans in June 2015. (Bolton, 2015) The news media had us chasing our tails about the confederate flag, racism, slavery, and the gay marriage ruling. While I believe the gay marriage ruling is very important, the TPP going through congress should have been more important than a flag that, technically, represents another country.

Here is a little about the Fast Track:

“Fast Track handed the executive branch five key congressional powers – steamrolling key checks and balances in the Constitution by seizing authority vested in our congressional representatives:

  • Power to select trade partners,
  • Power to set terms and sign sweeping “trade” agreements before Congress votes on them,
  • Power to write legislation to change all U.S. laws needed to conform with the agreements, skirt congressional review and amendments and directly submit this legislation for a vote,
  • Power to force votes within 60-90 days of submitting the implementing legislation to Congress,
  • Power to override normal voting rules. All amendments on Fast-Tracked FTAs are banned and debate is limited, including in the Senate.”

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress is supposed to make laws and set trade deals. Fast Track allows for this to be bypassed. This makes it more like a Monarchy than a Republic; which our country is supposed to be a Republic.

When we were focusing on Caitlyn Jenner and arguing about which “lives matter”, what has Congress or the Executive Branch been up too that they do not want us to know about?

©Lori Younglove

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