I just read an article where a man disemboweled his girlfriend because she said her ex’s name during sex.  I had to look up what disembowel meant.

Here it is:

 disembowel [dis-em-bou–uh l] /ˌdɪs ɛmˈbaʊ əl/

Spell Syllables

verb (used with object) disemboweled, disemboweling or especially British disembowelled, disembowelling.
1. to remove the bowels or entrails from; eviscerate.
2. to cut or slash open the abdomen of, as by bayoneting, so as to expose or remove the viscera.


Really?  I mean really?!

He tore up walls, doors off hinges,  blood spattered everywhere and gutted her like a hunter does an animal.  Holy cow.

I understand a partner being upset, hearing another name coming out the other’s mouth, but doing that?  Where’s the communication?  Or leaving at the worst until getting calmed down.  This is why I am afraid to get into a relationship; way too many freaky things happen and people snap!

The world has gone crazy and people do stupid things today.  I am far from perfect, however I like not getting the crap beat of me, or myself and my children ending up like this.

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