Today’s Education

I am a staunch supporter of education for children. educationI believe that to have it we need to have a working education system that is going to teach our children how to read, write, do math, know our countries history, world’s history, and so on.  Teaching our kids to take tests is not, in my opinion, teaching children to do this.  I realize we must teach our children the updated fundamentals of the age of today’s society.  However, keeping the basics is important.

Having a two-year old, that I want to get a decent education, as she is already so smart.  I do not want her hampered by our system how it is now.  That will make her sit back on her proverbial bottom and dawdle.  I see it when I do not take her ideas and run with them quickly enough.  I was like that and so were both of my brothers.  I want to give her the opportunity to use those brains, instead of sitting on it like all three of us did.

In going back to school, myself I have started to use some of these as projects for my classes as they can apply.  Cursive Handwriting, are you leaving for good?  This media presentation has two YouTube videos in it, that is the error screen that comes up.  It is safe and does not have a virus in it.  You need to be connected to the internet to see those video’s.

Image credits: Featured Image, by Retire Comfy, their blog site.

The media presentation is ©Lori Younglove, do not reproduce without my permission.

If you use it for a College or University Project you will not be learning anything, plus you are stealing someone elses work, tsk tsk tsk.  Also you could get caught for plagiarism and be thrown out of the school.

©Lori Younglove unless stated otherwise.

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