Planned Parenthood Part II

What is the issue here?  Abortion?  Fetal tissue remains?  Controlling women?  Religion and what the bible says we can and cannot do with our bodies?  I really think it depends on the person and how they were raised.  Everyone has their own motive behind this issue.  Abortion is never a cut and dried issue.  There are those who are for it, those are against it, and those who think there should be stipulations on it.  This issue has been one of the most talked about, debated, and fought over social issue in our society.  It will probably continue to be, no matter what laws are enacted or decisions are made about it.  Science has looked at it, scam artists are still getting in on the deals.  The rate of abortion is on the decline since the 1980s and part of that is due to the introduction of free birth control to women and young girls.

Abortions are going to happen, with or without Planned Parenthood, whether it is legal or not and whether people want it to or not.  Without Planned Parenthood there are going to be in back rooms like they were before.  Girls and women are going to resort to anyone that will do it and hide it.  Scam artists will claim to know how to do it just to get money and we run the chance of permanently damaging those women that do this in desperation.  Think of before, let’s not repeat history.

Bill Nye the Science Guy just recently released a video about women’s reproductive system, and the egg when it is inseminated.  I thought it was quite interesting and it reminded me of when I was in Medical Terminology and our Professor explained to us what happens in “natural abortion”, or miscarriages.  Really, who wants to say you had an abortion when you lose a baby?  That has such a negative connotation to it.  Though, the way she explained it that is nature’s way of weeding out the bad eggs; or the ones that will not survive for whatever reason.  There might be some defect in the egg where it cannot attach to the uterine wall, or something went wrong in the insemination process.

Many things happen prior to the egg attaching itself to the uterine wall and it starting to thrive and the body sending signals that the woman is pregnant.  At this point is where society, medical doctors, and Congress is calling this a fetus and is fighting for those rights for it to live.  Yes, it is a baby in my opinion.  I am saying “it” because the baby, realistically, has not developed its sexual organs yet to be defined as a boy or a girl, or he or she.  It had been a life prior to when everyone started getting involved in the fight over whether it should live or not.  I am sure before that life was there one or two more had been there and not survived.  Who is fighting for them and waving the flag for their right to life?  Who is going after the person(s) who killed them? Oh, but that is right…it is ok to have a miscarriage (or natural abortion)?  After all we cannot go after Mother Nature and make her go by Man’s Law’s, right?  That would make some people look really stupid. *clears throat*

When I became pregnant with my daughter I started referring to the baby as Chloe after I found out I became pregnant.  I just knew that was going to be her name.  We decided to find out the sex so we would know we were not calling a boy by a girl’s name.  I knew as her mother I was having a girl, but science had to know for sure for it to be a confirmation.

After getting a positive pregnancy test I thought I had a bladder infection.  Before I could get to my doctor I started bleeding heavily one night, so I went to the Emergency Room (ER). After doing a urine test and a sonogram; the conclusion was that my body was trying to abort the pregnancy.  I was feeling contractions; I did not have a bladder infection.  I was only 6 weeks pregnant at the time.  There was nothing they could do and what the ER Doctor told me all I could do was go home and let nature takes it course: have a natural abortion-I was mortified and thought “Total Bullshit!”. They did put me on bed rest until I saw my OB-GYN. Bed rest is what I did for the first 4-5 months of my pregnancy to keep my baby.  After that every time I had contractions my feet went up.  There were still complications at her birth, however she is fine and a little firecracker.

I agree wholeheartedly with what Bill Nye is saying; let women make our own decisions regarding reproduction.  I knew something was wrong with my body so I did what I felt was right by going to the ER; I also did not listen to the men in my life who said it was nothing and I would be fine.  I knew that going on bed rest was going to not let nature takes it course.  Listening to my body was going to allow me to keep my baby so that is what I did.  Women know what to do with our bodies, we do not need the government, religious extremists, or others telling us what to do with our bodies.  We can make decisions for ourselves about our bodies, without politicians intervening.

Image credits: Featured image, by Ecology of Education

©Lori Younglove 9/30/2015 unless otherwise noted

Edited 10/20/2019

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