Sugar Tree


October 3, 2015 · by Lori Younglove · in Relationships. · Music not relationships

Love, you’re getting lazy You’re forgettin’ to give me Sweet sugar words that I wanna hear You’ve been neglectin’ me You know jealously, it is a bitter as a green spring berry

And just like fruit from a fickle vine You turn sweet in the nick of time Love you only come alive when you’re losin’ me And it’s a childish game I’ve got to shake you up just to wake you up to make you love me

I’ll shake the sugar tree Til I feel your love fallin’ all around me You’ve got to tend to what you planted And if you take my love for granted baby I’ll shake the sugar tree

Pam Tillis did a wonderful job with this song. I can remember singing it all the time after it came out. Realistically though, Shaking that Sugar Tree to get love? I can see if things are falling apart and need to get back on track-then shake, rattle, and roll.

If this is a normal occurrence something is not right. Who wants to resort to this behaviour to get attention from the one person they are supposed to be a team with? Me personally, I do not.

It is still a good song thing….da da Shake the sugar tree da da…

Image credit: Featured image, by Carswell Military Golf Association

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