Never Ending War of Bedtime

Bedtime, another battle won (who really wins these though?) as the screaming has ended.  Although I feel like a truck has run me over.  All it took was less than two minutes to accomplish this by an adorable little two-year-old she-devil.

babythrowI love bed time with her.  However, within seconds of me saying good night she turns into this little mini screaming terror that I do not recognize as my child, as she’s throwing things down the hallway.

She has the sweetest, loving personality and we love her so much.  Even those nights she is helping me get her ready for bed, she fights it once she is in bed and I am leaving the room.  The story, tucking her in, hugs, kisses, snuggles exchanged and the entire hugging and kissing I give her entourage of dolls, stuffed animals, and toys she sleeps with is just wonderful and she is so happy to have it.  She realizes I am leaving and all bets are off: demon child comes to the surface and it is a screaming match in her brain which exits her mouth quite vocally.1100_story_biting_screaming_toddler

I must wonder how long this stage will go on. She is only two so I am just grateful we are past her last one-or we seem to be since I learned to not go in to negotiate with her to go to sleep all night long.  Some nights she is out within twenty minutes, others she babbles, like drunks do, for a good hour.  If the cat is awake, and roaming about making a lot of noise, it can go on for half the night.

Bedtime…yes.  Bedtime Sweet Bedtime.  You must love being a parent.  Even in the times you could just cry from frustration.  They are the sweetest angels around, next to dogs and cats. xx

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