Where do we go after we die?

This came up on a Facebook meme I posted on my wall.  I just did some reading on where each religious view believes their parishioners go and it does vary, which is expected.  There are many views, and beliefs, on it.  We each have our own views on this and religion. It has been a very hot topic of conversation because of judgments made sometimes.

I believe it is just another passing of a season we go through in this life, that is a necessity to get to where we are needed next.  When we are done with what we are supposed to do on this physical plane of existence, energy we move on to where we are needed next-wherever that might be.

I do believe that we go on to see, and be with, our family that has passed on already, or has yet too.  The details I am not sure on, whether it is reincarnation or like another neighborhood that entails our family.  The details are not important to me.

It is like the chicken or the egg dilemma; “Who cares?” I say.  It is going to happen no matter how much I worry/try and work it out.  I may as well focus on doing my best to follow my spiritual path; I will find out the details when I get there.  The way I look at it, it is like moving.  I am working towards a nice neighborhood but I let my Higher Power (HP) choose the house I am going to live in.  If I do what I am supposed to now, then I can trust it will be what I need when my time comes.

Another thought that crossed my mind when I commented on that post was about our souls.  I do believe we have soul’s and that our physical bodies are just on loan, as a vessel for them to inhabit, while we are on this earth.  I also believe that humans are made of energy, a lot of it.  When we experience a physical death, that energy is then released into the atmosphere.  I know that sounds like a contradiction – so maybe a believe that souls are energy. I am not sure; it makes perfect sense to me now that I think about it.  I have never tried to really put it into this type of context before.

It has always just been an innate sense of knowing for me.  Like the chicken or the egg again; I never went into the details.  It was, so I knew I would find out when I got there, it brings me a sense of peace.  I have faith that my HP is not going to put me in a total nightmarish place or turn me from the “cute, cuddly Gizmo” I am currently, into “Spike after a midnight feeding” when I pass-for lack of a better way to put it.

We all have our own beliefs and I say: Each to their own, if it works for you than wonderful!  I believe we are all here on borrowed time: being happy and at peace with ourselves is what each of our God’s has in mind for us until we see [Him/Her/It/They/Whatever/None] one day.  I do not believe that God wants us unhappy or sad.  Love exists in this world for a reason and I believe that God is love.  Having our own beliefs and being able to worship/believe how we see fit, without being hated for it or judged, is the greatest love you can give someone.

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