Planned Parenthood Thoughts

It seems that we might have a budget until December 11, 2015. However, the fight to defund Planned Parenthood is far from over. Will it ever be over? Probably not. However it sounds like the anti-abortionists are going to sink their teeth in more to do whatever it takes to defund Planned Parenthood.

“Angry that the bill didn’t defund Planned Parenthood Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tried to table the funding bill after it was passed. But he couldn’t get another senator to “second” his motion so the effort failed immediately.

The GOP presidential candidate then gave a speech railing against Senate Republican leaders for “surrendering” in the finding fights against the White House and for losing touch with conservatives across the country. After Cruz spoke for his allotted time of one hour, he sought consent to continue his speech — as required by Senate rules — but none of his fellow senators obliged him and he left the floor. – (CNN)

My question is, if they do accomplish this, what will be their next target concerning women’s rights and our bodies?

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