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Are we women or incubators?

incubatorAs I have been re-publishing my work I see where I have dug my heels into certain issues and started a series of articles on a few. One being Planned Parenthood and its defunding; however I truly delved into women’s rights when it comes to abortion.

Are we just an incubator, or do we have a say so in what goes on with our body when it comes to being pregnant? Or are we considered women, and moms, as long as we do what is considered “morally” correct by everyone else’s standards? When is it not what anti-abortionists think is correct our rights do not matter, only the babies…we are only an incubator.

This is what an incubator is:

a container that has controlled air and temperature conditions in which a weak or premature baby (= one which was born too early) can be kept alive.

Not all women are capable of that by carrying a child, whether it be for physical, emotional, psychological, or financial reasons. Putting ALL of us into one category is like saying “all men are jerks” and leaving it at that. This situation is not a black and white dilemma; there are many colours in between to be accounted for. I will go into that next time though.

©Lori Younglove 2/24/2018 unless otherwise noted

Edited 10/18/2019 for images and grammar

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