Tonight’s Gratitude

Sitting here tonight watching a movie with my daughter on one side of me and Izzy curled up on the other side, while I worked on my laptop, it was just a joyous evening.  Things are so different today then they were a year ago, even two or three years ago.  Yes, I was still tucking in my CuteyBug to bed and I still had Heidi and Nae Nae (I do miss those days) I was so [stuck] in my depression and anxiety in my head to enjoy what I had.

Today I can sit in my home in true peace.  I do not dread coming home; I enjoy walking through my front door now.  Being at home is a peaceful place that I do not mind if I have visitors.  This is such a change from even last years thinking patterns.  Isolation was my best friend even though I wanted to be social. I just did not know how to go about it. I finally have found that in a way I never thought possible – and I am truly grateful, as I go to bed tonight, for the life I have today.

Live, Love, and Laugh ❤

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