Life is Short

grief-affirmationsGrief has no timeline; it comes and goes like the rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest. For those who live up here know how flighty the weather can be. I miss my friend James. He passed away earlier this week and it is a harsh reality that life is short and can be gone in the blink of an eye. He is in a better place, his health was not the best, so I am grateful he is no longer in such pain and suffering.

With his passing it brings up a lot of memories. Memories of  loved ones that have passed away and how much I miss them. They too, are in a better place, however the hole left in my life by them passing on is great. I am feeling it greatly today and I feel alone and lost.

My view on death is that we pass on to another plane of existence, we leave our mortal bodies and earthly possessions behind and move on to something else. Our loved ones here never really loose anybody as long as we remember them in our hearts and memories. Telling the generations to come about those that came before us.

Today my emotions have the better of me. I miss my happy, funny, loving, kind, and considerate group that have passed on over the years. It has been quite a few and I suppose as I get older the list will grow.

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©Lori Younglove

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