The Known vs. The Unknown

breakup-quotes-1569322611The known is normal, it feels comfortable and you know what to expect. The unknown can be scary. It is new and possibly borderline chaotic feeling because you do not know what to expect. As long as you do not over think it, that is.

Ending a dysfunctional relationship is difficult. It can be painful and affect everyone around you. People are hurt because the dynamics of everyday life is changed. Sometimes someone is no longer in the home and at the dinner table, or there is no longer sleep overs, movies, and date nights.

When one stays in a dysfunctional relationship after realizing it, but not ready to take action. It can make it harder when that person does finally step up and say “I cannot and will not participate in this mess anymore.” Some may not see the dysfunction; they may see a perfectly healthy relationship and cannot understand why two people are at odds.

It does not mean either party is wrong or right. We are all different, with different beliefs, values, morals, ethics, and standards. This sets the what bar for what we will and will not tolerate from others in our lives and our children’s lives.

Standing up for what is right for oneself, being true to oneself, and setting healthy boundaries for oneself; that is what taking care of our mental, psychological, and spiritual being is about. This is getting out of the dysfunction, walking away from those that would rather see you fail, letting go of those that do not value you, stepping off into the unknown and surrendering to trudging this road of happy destiny.

It does not matter when it happens, just that it happens. Making that choice might be a hard one but you made it. Now stand tall and do not look back. We are not our past or past decisions and we do not grovel.

©Lori Younglove

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