Busy Body, Much Grandma

Lil One and I were able to see each other today. It was a nice sunny day and she ate bologna sandwiches out in a little park and we talked enjoying the sun. After that we went and built things with Legos. There were other families there building Legos.

catshockWe hear this woman yelling a name and “stop” so I lookup. I see Lil One’s eyes get big and her face just goes into this look of shock. I look to my left and see this older child diving head first at me. Thankfully his mom, the one yelling, grabs him in time. I know this family and he rarely does this. After he is upright, he runs to the elevator and his mom is trying to calm him but he is just totally out of control. I feel for her. I have had those days with Lil One.

One of the women in the group of kids playing Legos is someone we know; she is there with her grandson. How does she help? She goes to the door, which is by the elevator and starts yelling at this mom “we don’t talk to children that way” repeatedly.

Like this is going to help anybody at this moment? My child is terrified of seeing someone going headlong at me, then the yelling and now you are? Well thank you Grandma for taking things up a notch. I tried to deflate her because her behavior was stressing Lil One out more. This Grandma was just not letting it go.

I started ignoring the Grandma and went back to playing Legos with Lil One and diverted her attention back to what we were building. She was giggling, happily wearing my hoodie and eating another sandwich in no time.

When it came time to clean up the Legos here comes the Grandma again; calling me horrible names and threatens me in front of my child. That was it I was done.  We left the room entirely and I went and told the staff of the place we were at.

For those that think they need to intervene when a parent is yelling at their child. I can see this is a good point. However, if my child was running into danger or going to hurt themselves or another and would not listen to me? I would be yelling at him/her. My youngest has ran in front of vehicles in a parking lot when she was in her fun-ones and was not listening to me telling her to stop. She had wrenched out of my grip and was off like a rocket. Do you think I was yelling at her? You bethca I was as I was running to catch her! Everyone standing there was and running to catch her from all directions.

Sometimes a parent does things for a reason; before you judge find out the details.

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