Missing A Musketeer

Today was a beautifully sunny day outside even if it was very cold. I had the heat on in all rooms to warm the apartment; it was cold in our little home today. Izzy was shivering without a blanket, it was that cold. We are usually cuddled up on the sofa together, all three of us.

Today it is just myself and Izzy. We miss Lil One. Recently we have been spending Sunday mornings together; however not today. We will not see each other until next Tuesday, unfortunately and it makes me sad.

It is also very quiet and lonely without our little person running to and fro; in and out the front door. I miss saying “close the fridge” because she does not shut it all the way and “you’re letting all the heat out, close the door,” as she is standing holding the front door open.

It is going to be a long week. All our love to you Lil One. ❤


Image credits: Comparing Grief: A Useless Endeavor

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