No More One More Time

How many second chances does a partner receive before it is over? How do you know when it is the last second chance? The last opportunity you are giving to that one person in your life you just do not want to give up on? The one you have seen a future with? Dedicated years of your life too? Forgiven many things, unforgivable things, but you did anyways because you loved them.

I have grieved for the loss of our family, him and I, and future we had planned. I have forgiven myself and him.

You had your last second chance at this old heart of mine

And there’ll be no more one more time

Jo-El Sonnier No More One More Time

I left my drink in his car earlier today and he brought it to me after work. It was obvious that he wanted to come in but I shut the door on him some, thanked him, and said goodnight. He looked upset. His behavior started me thinking.

pinterest-4-1-683x10246554230434554672100.jpgHe has ignored me every time I have reached out to him over the last few months. When our mutual friend passed away was the last time, and we have only spoken once or twice since. It was not him returning my messages either, and I really did not care.

I realized tonight, that last message to him was his last second chance. There are no more one more time for him.

Image credits: Featured, by Simple Reminders; bottom, by herway

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