Yes, She Really Said It

One day my daughter looked at me with this disapproving look, and told me I was ugly. A few people standing there started too chastise her for it. I stopped them because she is entitled to her opinion. Even if the day before she thought I was beautiful. She was almost 4 so things change from moment to moment. Me being ugly was a new one for her, though. I had no idea where she learned it.

Myself I was shocked. I am no beauty queen but I have turned heads. The saying “when another woman tells you you’re ugly, they’re jealous; but when a child tells you you’re ugly, it’s true” went through my head. This is the first time any child has ever called me ugly. It being my own child shook me a bit.

Something else was bothering me though, I am not one to really care much about looks except for my hair. I am vain about my hair- it is not allowed to be [completely] sticking out on its ends like I put my finger in a light socket. Just. absolutely. no.

I thought on it a few days and realized what bothered me is what my perception of being called ugly is. Being called ugly for me, is on the inside and has nothing to do with the outside.

What I heard her say was “I think you’re a horrible person” on a deep subconscious level and it really bothered me; especially coming from my child. In reality she did not like my hairdo and thought I looked bad..or ugly. Out of the mouths of babes.

Image credits: Featured, by haikudeck