A Girl and Her Dog


Children and pets; they go hand in hand in my opinion.

I have had a dog since I was a young child and had a cat in my adult years. My dogs and cat have been my best companion and my partner in crime my entire life span.

They have been there for me when I cried, when I laughed, when I was angry, when I was alone, when I was grounded, in flashbacks with PTSD, through divorces, having babies, raising children, and loss of children.

They allowed me to play dress up as a child, to paint their nails, put bows in his hair, and Heidi wore Santa Claus outfits during Christmas for my children.

Heidi Younglove a.k.a. Mrs. Claus for 12 straight years.

My children have grown up with animals as a result of myself growing up with them. My older children only had a dog with me because of my aversion to cats. However, my youngest has had a cat since she was born until she was 3. Nae Nae was her buddy and partner in crime, as was Heidi. Once the cat realized she could sleep with Lil One, and not be sleeping ON Lil One they found a safe way to sleep. Once Lil One would actually sleep that is. Ha Ha.

Renae a.k.a. Nae Nae allowed me put this on her without scratching me.

Lil One misses her kitty and Heidi, we both do. We love Izzy very much and would not trade her for anything. Heidi and Nae Nae hold a special place for us that cannot be filled and will never cease to stop aching for us.

Lil One draws numerous rainbows to “see” Heidi and Nae Nae and I enjoy when memories pop up of the pictures of those two on my facebook. It reminds me of what we had with them and what we have now…

Image credits: All, Lori Younglove

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