Love Affairs Gone Migraine Wrong

We spend too much time together and I am obsessed with you. I know you are not good for me; the pain you cause me is unbearable. I do not function and I cry after two days with you. After a week I can barely walk, think, or get out of bed. This must end; I must bid you adieu.

Good-bye Chocolate, so long Reese Peanut Butter Cups, farewell Hershey’s Bar. Our love affair was a long one but it must end now.

I must bid you adieu.

Every time I eat a large amount of chocolate I end up with a migraine. Excedrin Migraine, or an energy drink loaded with excessive amounts of caffeine, helps take mine away. Others may have different experiences.

I have adjusted my diet in the last two months and it has helped immensely. If you have migraines I encourage you to check into your diet.

This past January I started eating things en masse for months that I regularly did not eat. I started experiencing migraines on a regular basis but did not connect it to my diet until October 2019. I changed my diet and they have all but gone.

Good-bye Chocolate , so long Reese Peanut Butter Cups, farewell Hershey’s Bar

I have suffered from Migraines for most of my adult life and take a medication daily to keep them at bay. I have one occasionally, but it unusual for me to have one that lasts for more than a few days.

Image credits: Featured, by Dr Soph; Middle, by Flickr; Bottom, by Facts About Chocolate

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