Inspired by my childhood friend and Marilyn, the most beautiful woman I have ever had the honor of knowing in my life.


I think at some point in our lives we all believe this. It is the ego of our youth. As we age life experiences show us how small we are in the spectrum of the universe.

In my younger years I have been told I was a replaceable friend and it hurt deeply. Family members told me I was replaceable and I could not understand how they could say that. I could see it in the workplace, but family? It was not something I could comprehend and I do not want it carried down to my children.

I am much older now and serenity in life daily is important. I realize having a few loyal friends is better than a large group that comes with my version of chaos. I am at a point where I can choose who I allow in my life and who I do not. Within reason of course. Jobs, children, etc., keep me surrounded with necessary life dramas but I can limit the rest. 

I’d rather be alone than be around chaos and confusion. Silence beats drama and confusion any day.

Author Unknown

I have had to exit people from my life over the years and am doing it now. That is just the way life goes. I change and they do not. I am but a small speck of sand in this universe and my world is my oyster. I choose to make it grand for myself and my daughters. As we grow sometimes not everyone comes along with us and that is ok. My daughters and I will be just fine and that is all that matters. 

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