This Christmas is turning out to be something of a different one than I was expecting, or hoping for. I normally set the tree up on Thanksgiving and spend the next week or so decorating it. This is not how the holidays have gone for me.

I knew Thanksgiving was going to happen either a few days before or after the actual day because of having supervised visits and on scheduled days. Days that actually did not happen when they were supposed to but Sundays were usually a given so I did not think that was going to be a biggy; we’d have it then. Well bubble popped.

I have no idea when my visits will be because the referral was sent back. I am sure I am going to get more nastigrams about that Monday.

My friend Amanda posted a picture of her dogs’ tree that passed away years ago. I decided to get a tree to honor Heidi and Renae. After thinking about it for a while I think that will be our tree this year. 

Medical News Today

I always get an ornament for everyone each year so the ornaments can be put on that tree this year. Lil One has her own tree that she likes keeping up year around. If she wants to decorate a tree, she can add to hers with more lights and decorations.

I started traditions with Lil One and tried to keep them going. I have lost so much since the dependency with her the first time. I moved and my animals passed away. Ever since that move something has been off. I still cannot figure out what.

Image credits: Featured, by Project Life Mastery; Middle, by Medical News Today

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