Brighter Days

Hi Y’all.

I want to say that when I write here it helps me get things out on paper, per se. It helps me organize my thoughts in front of me instead of running around like a caged squirrel on crack in my head. I am sure most of y’all know exactly what I am talking about.


What I love most is looking for images to go with whatever I have wrote after I have done the writing, editing, re-writes, edits, then re-write again and on and on it goes. The images make me laugh as I have my ADHD moments of shiny thing.

I go in ten different directions of different images and start over numerous times for whatever I am writing.


When I am done, I am laughing uncontrollably, and I have a different perspective on the situation. Whatever sad, drained, or mixed up down emotions I might have had from the emotionally draining blog I have just wrote (usually the Denial series) is alleviated some.

I am ready to sleep or amped up and ready for the next chapter in this saga called life. Not all of mine are sad and draining thankfully and I am doing my best to improve my frame of mind about all of this. This blog helps in many ways.

So very many thanks to y’all for following us here. Some of what I write is for myself but some of what is posted is for y’all too. I do hope you enjoy it.

After looking for the images for this I am laughing so hard the dog has moved to the bedroom because I disturbed her sleep. Haha! I found many more but these fit the best. I could not find a squirrel but the cat fit. Good night y’all, wherever you are in this world. ❤

Image credits: Featured, by Flickr; Top, by Cheezburger; Middle, by Pinterest

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