Vacation From Life?

Last year I wrote about trying to be impartial in the situation that currently has taken over my life. What I realized in writing these blogs is that it stirred my anger and depression more then I had realized. I took a break and have been reflecting on how impartial I have been this past 10 months.

I wish I could say I successfully succeeded in my task, however I am sure I failed at it one more than one occasion. The good thing about this blog I have started is that I can go back and read my thoughts, where I was at prior to now. It is helpful in allowing grace to myself, and others, in this situation that I know will end at some point.

I am doing my best to make a life that I can enjoy, one I do not need a vacation from. A life that I thrive in, along with the rest of my family. I am being successful on most fronts, there are those days though when stomping my foot and pulling my hair out is a good idea.

Image credits: Featured, by 8-images Blog; Bottom, by Odd Stuff Magazine

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