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This Christmas is turning out to be something of a different one than I was expecting, or hoping for. I normally set the tree up on Thanksgiving and spend the next week or so decorating it. This is not how the holidays have gone for me. I knew […]


I spent the majority of my time home today with Lil One, working on the business and getting my writing from the old wordpress. The dog thinks she is totally unloved. I am up way past my bedtime for having to get up early for Lil One to […]


While I found the definition of this word not fitting what I was aiming to write about initially, the more I think about it I believe it fits. I have been house, and dog, sitting for someone for a week now. He has this lovely dog named Luna. She is […]

Lonely Dog

All Animals Matter This is a beautiful, serene photograph of a lonely dog sitting in the street with snow falling. I forget where it came from, but I’d like to credit it when I find the information. I wonder what this dog is thinking or feeling — Is […]


I’m finishing up an article on addiction and it occurs to me to be grateful.  I had to put it, and another, aside to get homework done on time and family life.  Because of recovery I get to do these things today. I get to fight with my […]