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Stuffed To the Turkey

Who had turkey this year? Gills are fish so I thought turkey was more fitting. It was myself and one daughter who prefers hot dogs so we had a low maintenance dinner. Mashed potatoes, gravy and hot dogs. No big meal deal for the meat for us. How […]

Denial: Woorrrkkking

Part of a multi-segmented series on Denial  SOME NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT PRIVACY  ❤ I am thinking of you as I am writing this my friend from today that cried her eyes out. Keep on Keepin’ On. You are a true inspiration. ❤ I wish that […]

Denial: Learned Behaviors

Part of a multi-segmented series on Denial SOME NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT PRIVACY Most of us have acquired different learned behaviors since we were born. We get them from watching other people, generally our primary caretakers, and from our experiences. Learned behavior is defined as one […]

Cracking The Door Open

I have been residing with a homophobic person. It is my own fault that she has become that way; I allowed her to be taught this line of thinking instead of teaching her otherwise. I created this loving, kind, adorable little homophobic child, literally, myself. Getting to where […]

Life is Short

Grief has no timeline; it comes and goes like the rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest. For those who live up here know how flighty the weather can be. I miss my friend James. He passed away earlier this week and it is a harsh reality that life […]