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Vacation From Life?

Last year I wrote about trying to be impartial in the situation that currently has taken over my life. What I realized in writing these blogs is that it stirred my anger and depression more then I had realized. I took a break and have been reflecting on […]

Brighter Days

Hi Y’all. I want to say that when I write here it helps me get things out on paper, per se. It helps me organize my thoughts in front of me instead of running around like a caged squirrel on crack in my head. I am sure most […]

I Am In Love

I saw a commercial tonight for new legos for the Millenium Falcon. ❤ My Daughter will be laughing at me if I ever get it. It will be awhile before I can afford $160.00 on legos for myself! Heaven to Betsy. It is a nice dream though. 🙂   […]


I spent the majority of my time home today with Lil One, working on the business and getting my writing from the old wordpress. The dog thinks she is totally unloved. I am up way past my bedtime for having to get up early for Lil One to […]