Category: Spirituality

Vacation From Life?

Last year I wrote about trying to be impartial in the situation that currently has taken over my life. What I realized in writing these blogs is that it stirred my anger and depression more then I had realized. I took a break and have been reflecting on […]

Yule At My House

I am slowly getting into the holiday season. It has taken some doing since I was expecting Lil One to be a part of this process this year. It has been quite a blow learning that the GAL’s issues with me is his personal issue with my Faith. […]


Part of a multi-segmented series on Denial Having faith. Faith is what? According to a Google search it is Faith can be as simple as turning on the light switch and knowing the light will turn on. Faith can be complicated too. When they are hard situations, where […]

Yes, She Really Said It

One day my daughter looked at me with this disapproving look, and told me I was ugly. A few people standing there started too chastise her for it. I stopped them because she is entitled to her opinion. Even if the day before she thought I was beautiful. […]

God says, “Not now.”

Realizing there was a reason the relationship ended; hindsight is 20/20. The storms I went through were not something he could withstand…he still cannot, or chooses not too. Most “friends and loved ones” have not been able to endure it; or have chosen not too. They have distanced […]

Food For Thought

Thanksgiving 2016 will be upon us in 4 minutes according to my clock. It is a rocky time for some of us, especially those of us in addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling…whatever the case may be. I am fortunate to have a safe place to […]