I Am In Love

I saw a commercial tonight for new legos for the Millenium Falcon. ❤ My Daughter will be laughing at me if I ever get it. It will be awhile before I can afford $160.00 on legos for myself! Heaven to Betsy. It is a nice dream though. 🙂   […]


I do my best to be impartial in situations I am involved in. In majority of my writing I am. It really depends on the topic. I can find the opposing side very easily with research, and make a good argument. I am a very empathetic person so […]

Denial: DCYF’s Mixed Mess 

Part of a multi-segmented series on Denial  Some names, dates, times, and places have been changed to protect privacy  After court on November 4, 2019 DCYF has done what they normally do with parent(s) in my situation; they start to either expand length of visit time or give […]


Part of a multi-segmented series on Denial Having faith. Faith is what? According to a Google search it is Faith can be as simple as turning on the light switch and knowing the light will turn on. Faith can be complicated too. When they are hard situations, where […]