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Vacation From Life?

Last year I wrote about trying to be impartial in the situation that currently has taken over my life. What I realized in writing these blogs is that it stirred my anger and depression more then I had realized. I took a break and have been reflecting on […]

Stuffed To the Turkey

Who had turkey this year? Gills are fish so I thought turkey was more fitting. It was myself and one daughter who prefers hot dogs so we had a low maintenance dinner. Mashed potatoes, gravy and hot dogs. No big meal deal for the meat for us. How […]

Cracking The Door Open

I have been residing with a homophobic person. It is my own fault that she has become that way; I allowed her to be taught this line of thinking instead of teaching her otherwise. I created this loving, kind, adorable little homophobic child, literally, myself. Getting to where […]