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Duck Duck Goose

When I was first in treatment for drug addiction I described life like a merry go round. Fast, so very fast and I needed it to slow down. Someone told me to get a new nursery rhyme and said Duck Duck Goose. I have never forgotten that, even […]

Letting Go

Things you never see comingA missed opportunitySaying how you feelAfraid of what might happen Regret is greatFlashed before meWhen you diedNot knowing which way Is up, upOr is it downYou are goneAnd I am lost I will struggle with this one for awhile. Image credits: Featured, by Mom Junction; Top, […]

Till Abuse Do Us Part

I recently read a post on my Facebook feed from someone about their survival of Domestic Violence and getting out. They talked of the sadness of losing their marriage but gratefulness to be out of it. I often wonder how many women and men feel this way, besides […]


This Christmas is turning out to be something of a different one than I was expecting, or hoping for. I normally set the tree up on Thanksgiving and spend the next week or so decorating it. This is not how the holidays have gone for me. I knew […]


Inspired by my childhood friend and Marilyn, the most beautiful woman I have ever had the honor of knowing in my life. I think at some point in our lives we all believe this. It is the ego of our youth. As we age life experiences show us […]