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Denial: Learned Behaviors

Part of a multi-segmented series on Denial SOME NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT PRIVACY Most of us have acquired different learned behaviors since we were born. We get them from watching other people, generally our primary caretakers, and from our experiences. Learned behavior is defined as one […]

Life is Short

Grief has no timeline; it comes and goes like the rainy weather in the Pacific Northwest. For those who live up here know how flighty the weather can be. I miss my friend James. He passed away earlier this week and it is a harsh reality that life […]

Sugar Tree

  October 3, 2015 · by Lori Younglove · in Relationships. · Music not relationships Love, you’re getting lazy You’re forgettin’ to give me Sweet sugar words that I wanna hear You’ve been neglectin’ me You know jealously, it is a bitter as a green spring berry And […]


I just read an article where a man disemboweled his girlfriend because she said her ex’s name during sex.  I had to look up what disembowel meant. Here it is:  disembowel [dis-em-bou–uh l] /ˌdɪs ɛmˈbaʊ əl/ Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin verb (used with object) disemboweled, disemboweling or especially British disembowelled, disembowelling. […]